CBSE Affiliation Number: 730082

History & Overview

“School comes from the Greek word for leisure – leisure in which to learn, a place where students and teachers can flower, a place where a future generation can be prepared, because schools are meant for that, not just merely to turn out human beings as mechanical, technological instruments – though jobs and careers are necessary – but also flower as human beings, without fear, without confusion, with great integrity.”



DIS Srinagar is emerging as a unique creative hub to channelize modern child education and schooling into versatile practice.


The school offers a distinct experience through a well designed holistic frame work of concepts, skills, attitudes and action in the co-curricular and extra co-curricular zones in an exclusive and cordial environment. Moreover, the school endeavours to explore the domain of knowledge, information and skills with an international perspective.

Here at Doon, we nurture the natural curiosity of our students in ways that transcend conventional subject boundaries.

We equip our students with the facets of academic excellence and self-confidence so that they soar in all possibilities of tomorrow.

We look forward to welcome your child to Doon International School and take up the challenge of making a man out of him…

Mr. Showkat Hussain Khan