From the Desk of the Principal

From the Desk of the Principal

From the Desk of the Principal

It is honourable to be back in DIS, Srinagar and head such a prestigious intitution emerging and almost evolving everyday with new spark of excellence.

In the last five years, the school has grown to an astonishing level in providing all-round education under the aegis of CBSE, New Delhi.

Undoubtedly, I remember the founding days of 2014 when I could visualize the vision and foresight of Mr. Showkat Hussain Khan, Chairman of DIS, in midst of variety of interactions and involvement with him in the earliest phase of school building. I believe the school has shaped itself with some of the essential ingredients of his great vision and it is progressing to my utter delight with best of the schooling tools and practices.

With time, school has certainly become an achievers’ world where I experience felicitating almost everyday student winners and achievers proving their might and talent within the school premises as much giving the school authority a surprise with trophies and accolades from various inter-school participation across districts and states.

It’s indeed a pleasure to lead a school which has achieved fame at international level in such a short span of time.

I understand that more recognition and more honour mean more hard work and more dedication.

Yes, we need to meet the growing parental expectation as with years students have to be catered in a myriad fashion to enable them to become multi-skilled and dynamic to face a phase of new reality once they are out of the corridors of the school.

I experience an innovative institution that has grown in capability to build the quality of head and heart, where the intellect and emotion with values and streaks of creativity have been dovetailed into an inter- disciplinary feature.

However, all this demands consistently a healthy environment and obviously cooperation of parents from all segments of society have become an instant necessity.

I am confident that all our efforts would be always focussed on developing students in right perspective where parents are required to have requisite faith in our instituitional system.

I wish all the very best for all our stakeholders.

Mr. B. N. Sarkar