A Note from the desk of Chairman during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Dear Parents,

At the outset, let me place on record, our cordial appreciation to all parents for co-operating with the current school-home study ventures in midst of the ongoing pandemic in the valley. These months have been unusually critical and quite difficult for our beloved students as well as for our teachers. However, the school management, by all means, endeavored with the teaching faculty to help pupils acquire and enjoy all elements of learning at home. True to DIS school motto that ensures the spirit of “Facta Non Verba” meaning “Deeds Not Words” – our teaching faculty endeavoures to deliver some of the essential ingredients of schooling into a series of interactive learning schemes for all categories of students and classes. These dynamic initiatives blended with activities, visuals and meaningful assignments designed with values and concerns were appreciably received by all our esteemed parents throughout the current days of pandemic.

Mr. Showkat Hussain Khan

We are given a feeling that our students are involved while attending online classes from home. Teachers also feel concerned for them, as they proceed with day to day innovative means; since there is no other alternative. School education can only occur and improve in such humane understanding as sheer hard work of the faculty could always be felt in the mental growth of the students; enabling institutional values take priority over the prevailing conditions. The process of academic delivery through virtual classes that too with 2G connectivity is no easy task; it is always very disturbing and intimidating both for our teachers as well as for our students. However, the school management is very grateful towards all our parents for showing enough patience with enduring sense of purpose, enabling our teachers to carry on with the struggle of communication while they cater information, knowledge and skill to their pupils. It is understood that we are to carry on with this grueling time and still strive relentlessly with all our designs and purpose of child education; though the time appears to be difficult and the road ahead to cross – an uphill task.

In spite of all the spell of ongoing hurdles – guiding children at home with intention to improve their lives with the help of parents, now has become an amazing sum of experiences, meriting very different type of individual and collective realization, for one and all. Health care and improving physical alertness have become an essential element of family and school concern. Till conventional classes, with further interactive initiatives are undertaken, the above issue will keep as pondering in all our minds. Though given to understand, that all our esteemed parents are really involved with their wards in helping the young learners to remain fit and active mentally, emotionally and physically at home.

“This difficult time will pass and devouring conditions will disappear like all dark clouds”. We need to “tarry on” and “tarry on a little for a while” as wise Shakespeare had already foreseen centuries back.

The entire organization is seriously concerned about the physical well being of all our beloved students.

Let’s pray to Almighty that in spite of all hurdles, premonitions and natural fear about our life and the surrounding conditions, our students must stay safe and healthy at home till they need to wait to come to school to embrace a new phase of learning and participating ventures.

While reciprocating sincere wish to our beloved students and parents to be healthy and happy at home; it is anticipated that our parents will respond with understanding and due sensibility and always remain amicable and strong to enable us swim across the hard time.

Mr. Showkat Hussain Khan