Grandparents are special and hold a very sacred place in our life. They are child’s best friend their support and their teachers to celebrate what they bring to our life.Grandparents day was celebrated at DIS on 6th May 2017 and 7th May 2017 at DIS campus  with great joy and enthusiasm. The day was opportunity to seek blessings for the children and for the entire DIS family. The celebration was full of dance,music, games fun and  joy. We witnessed enthralling performance by the participation by all the Dada- Dadis and Nana –Nanis  of Doonians, various games were played and the Grandparents competed with each other. Prizes were distributed to the winners. Our little Doonians mesmerized everyone with their special performances dedicated for their dear Grandparents.Everyone enjoyed the day, dancing, singing, playing and spending quality time with each  other. It was indeed a special day filled with beautiful emotions, love and gratitude.  


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