Presentation of Little Tiny Tots of Doon International School Srinagar .

Presentation 2017, the most awaited programme of DIS was held from 18th May – 26th May 2017. The event provided unparalled platform to showcase the diverse talents of our students. This week long event took things to wonderful confluence of art and creativity by our budding artists and performers.Parents were overwhelmed and filled with joy to witness the beautiful performances and appreciate the efforts of Doonians and the teachers. The Programme was mesmerizing where the magnificent talent of our students was at its best.

The presentation addressed by Mrs Gulzara Akbar (Founder of the Doon School) Mr. Manzoor Hussain (Vice President JK Bank) Mr. Noor Mohammad (MLA Batmalo) Mr. Mehboob Hussain (Joint Director Education Department) Mr. Masroor Andrabi (Educationist) Their presence and words of motivation and appreciation indeed proved to be an enlightening experience for students and all.

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