CBSE Affiliation Number: 730082

Culmination Event Held in Doon International School, Srinagar

Doon International School, Srinagar had an enthralling event in the school premises on 26th April, 2019. The students from class I to class X have excelled in all domain, of the gala event that had been a hall mark of the day and would remain in the theatre of minds of all an esteemed parents, the way they remained glued to students reciprocal communication on projects, displays, charts, models and the live gadgets and technical specimen.

All departments carried the brand of their own excellence. Innumerable displays and project s adorned the entire complex and all the parents thronged the premisses. There were superb contributions from all the sections. The book reading wing of the english language club as much impressed the parents as much the techno based computer projects. It was indeed a rare learing session for all, beyond classrooms.

They individually as well collectively appreciated the hard work and efforts carried by all segments of students.
Chairman addressed the parents in the auditorium and shared his latest plans and programs to be implemented for all round improvement of students.He also acknowledged the students for their hardwork.

The fraternity of teachers and their respective badges of the students had really presented a
remarkable show of talents and intregity which will be long remembered by parents and all stakeholders.