Main Focus

Education Scenario

Main Focus

“Simplied view in the nature of schooling may have worked fairly well for the earlier generations; it is no longer suitable because of the changed nature of families, society and the current child behaviour .....”

(Extract from: School Education At A Crossroads: A Collection Of Essays)

School education has to manifest itself with the idea of development, integrate new values, ethos and social modes; indicate the seriousness of co-existence and equality; update high-end skills and applications, provide relevance of the existence of all terrestrial life and environment and align action with necessary guidelines to face the changing time.

Thus, the school system categorically aims on all round development of every pupil with a holistic approach towards all elements of child learning. The education of the young is carried out without any distinction of caste, creed, religion and language. Teacher meticulously select deliberations keeping in mind the special psychological needs and outlook of the growing students. Young learners are made to experience the innate value of co-existence in term of the great importance of the human living on earth. DIS education insightfully moves beyond the borderlines of chapters, empowering the young minds always to be consciously local and graciously global. The universal spirit of all religions becomes the inevitable part of experiencing and celebrating the eternal spirit of human civilization in a daily school life. In fact, the relevance of Integrity, Responsibility, Mutual Respect, Self-Discipline and Consciousness of heritage, culture and environment is practised within the education system, involving all segments of students throughout the year.

The school system encourages every pupil to embrace education for life; get acquainted with the scenario of expansion and obsolescence of knowledge and of difference in life roles as well as psychological conditions at various phases of life. It strengthens the child’s mind to conceptualize “the world we live as our own.” Thus the concept of ‘embedded learning’ is slowly taking shape in the school curriculum.

There is a great initiative “in translating schooling into learning” in order to provide fruitful experience that enables the students realize fully their innate talents, develop capacities and positively mature their enquiring minds. All essential features have an intrinsic nature of approach in order to provide quality education. This ensures physical and psychological well being while improving the lives of the learners through various priorities of knowledge and remarkable phases of realization. Health care and improving physical alertness and athletism have become the extended part of school program. Games and sports, trekking, hiking, nature walks, cross country run and an array of indoor activities not only develops the physical faculties but also strengthens the mind of the young in all sorts of cerebral and neural stimulations.

However, quality education always needs conducive and enriching environment. The beautiful campus of this emerging institution is slowly transforming itself while acquiring a techno-based flexible structure always arduously monitored and sustained by experienced faculty members with the help of trained personnel.

Last but not least, DIS Srinagar mirrors a dynamic and progressive school system truly characterized by the extent of care it takes of all its pupils. In fact, it leaves no stone unturned to nourish the emotional, intellectual, ethical and pastoral needs of the learners throughout the session....